Privacy Policy

The privacy policy clause deals with how Pc Live Xpert . deals with your personal information with regards to the user data collected by us while providing user support services we offer to the user.

When we use web based tools to remotely access your system to troubleshoot the issues faced by you, with your express permission, we need some of your personal information as per the IT laws. Some of this is the information which is directly provided by you, such as personal information you submit through form or phone. The other type of information is what we collect through tools while our diagnostic process is going on.

It includes personal information and payment information. Personal information is retrieved for identification purposes and payment information is taken to complete the transaction.
Subscriber’s computer information is needed in order to provide the Service and personalized technical support.
Remote access is needed to execute certain operations to tune up your PC or make some changes in its software settings. We have a well defined internal policy and technical controls to restrict the use of remote access tools to prevent any leakage of your personal information. Sometimes cookies are used to offer you more personalized services, but if you don’t want the cookies to be installed, you can change your browser settings.
To study marketing trends and demographics IP addresses can be stored in the log files. Sometimes sharing de-identified and aggregated information with our partners becomes necessary. But, it doesn’t involve any personal info that can lead to your identity disclosure. For internal use, we may share your info with our subsidiaries and affiliates to support business functions such as and marketing, sales, and customer support, etc.
Our privacy policy is subject to change and if it happens, it would be intimated to you through our website.